Ruth Walker - Mixed Media Artist - Burghead, Morayshire
Compello - Art Exhibition IG:LU Gallery Inverness  19 Mar - 01 April 2011 
For the next 2 of weeks, from Sat 19 Mar 2011. Ruth Walker is presenting an artwork in a joint exhibition with students from the Fine Art Degree group UHI Moray College.The contemporary theme of my artwork which is a framed digital/ acrylic image is of a cathartic and surrealist nature titled 'Accidence of My Morphology'.
Moray Arts Club Exhibition - Banff Castle 11 - 20 Mar 2011
I amexhibiting three paintings in this show. Two figurative paintings, a landscape and a sea life (seal) and an abstract titled 'Magenta Dwarf'.
If you are interested in purchasing any of the art, please contact me directly.
Artist Statement
Why myth makers; because I lived with one for 20 years, therefore, I have learnt the many tricks of role-play from a master. The various masks that an individual can employ have also been the inspiration for my work. The accidences of my morphology are a reflection on my personal state of being; that I have been de-womanised by mythic circumstance. To make sense of the world I do not yet understand I am seeking enlightenment through the creation of my own mythology.
In creating my body of conceptual and surrealist portraits I am utilizing the opportunities that the use of multi artistic disciplines can afford. As a cathartic process I am using the oeuvre of Joseph Beuys shamanic role play, Matthew Barney’s existentialist enquiry, Man Ray’s surrealist dada and use of solarisation in his photographs.
 An existentialist’s path is a lifetime’s endeavour with the possibility of never finding the truth of one’s existence. I am fortunate to have the arts as tool that I can use to unravel the essence of who I am. However, I may create more questions than answers. I would be honoured if my work touched the hearts and minds of others who have been burnt by life experiences and seekers who might be inspired to start a quest of their own. The journey has begun!
Artwork and copyright of Ruth Walker. Paintings and Copies of artwork available for sale; please contact me via email [email protected]
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